The Women Men Leave – 5 Mistakes Women Do That Drive Men Away

Some relationships bound to last a lifetime. But there are a lot more that last for only a few months, or even weeks. While it is all down to each individual and their own circumstances, there are typical common reasons why men call the relationships off. There are certain types of women men leave. While these are not the only reasons why relationships don’t work, they are critical and play a big part in determining the success of the relationship. Following are the common mistakes women do that drive men away.

1. Women with no respect for their men. Men are largely about ego. They want to provide, take control, and be the hero for their women. It is a put off when women take them for granted and being over demanding.

2. Men don’t like to be compared. They are aware of their lack in some areas and they don’t need their women to point out those flaws and compare them with other men in their life, let alone their ex partners. If you are willing to take him as your partner, you have to be ready to accept him the way he is, as a whole package, as a unique individual.

3. Lack of personal care. Some women, especially the married ones, often forget how to look nice in front of their partners because they are so used to live with them. They stay in pyjamas all day, don’t do their hair and being sloppy at home, just because they don’t need to impress their partners anymore as they have already got them. The danger comes when he sees someone else outside the house that is attractive and makes effort to please him.

4. Being too materialistic. While it is the common nature for men to want to provide for their women, they don’t like being milked for their money. Unless the men are really wealthy, a high maintenance partner will be a burden especially in the long run.

5. Lack of understanding. Men need their women to be their friends. When your man needs someone to talk to, he needs you to be available for them. You need to lend him ears and show your support. Good communication is always the key for a relationship to be successful. Remember that if he cannot come to you, he will go to someone else.


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