Plus-Size Naughty Nighties – Tips for Buying Lingerie Online

Today is the day! Finally, the UPS man has knocked on your door and delivered your package, which contains a piece of lingerie that you shopped for hours online to find. Without further delay you run into your room open the package and put on the skimpy, sexy outfit you know is gonna excite and entice your lover. That’s when you realize, once again, that your plus-size and the merchant’s plus-size are two totally different sizes. There goes your night of seduction down the gullet with a Twinkies or two. The self depreciating thoughts begin a vicious cycle and before you know what’s happening, instead of making sweet love, you and your partner are fighting. Believe me I know how this happens and I know how I felt at the time; like the winning sow at the state fair. Of course I could have given up on my quest to master the art of seduction, instead I have decided to enhance my sexual prowess by empowering myself and womanly cohorts. Through my own experiences with naughty nighties; purchased from my website supplier I have devised a list of tips to guide myself and any other plus-size woman looking to buy lingerie online.

First, when buying lingerie, know your body size and shape. We all love those mirrors that show the illusion of a longer svelte body, but the reality is found in the actual measurements of our bodies. Using a measuring tape, measure your bust, waist, and hips. Holding the measuring tape taut, but not tight, at the fullest point of your breast; hold in front, then wrap around back bringing the other end to meet with the beginning of the tape. Write down the measurement, which should be inches, then hold your head high and smile at the size of your beautiful gorgeous breasts. Now follow the same directions for the next two measurements; except measure waist at narrowest point, and hips at fullest portion.
Second, know what makes you feel comfortable in your own body. Even though the ultimate goal for all woman is to celebrate her individual curves, having more or less coverage can affect how you feel For example, if your paunch makes you feel less than desirable, a nightie that splits open down the middle would not result in a night of passion. Instead try a sheer negligée that covers your middle, while at the same time entices your lover to use his or her imagination; remember, the mind is our most powerful sex organ.
Third, if you wear a size larger than 16/18, you may want to avoid lingerie that comes in queen size. I have found through my own experiences if you order lingerie that comes in your specific size the fit is better. Every time I have ordered queen size lingerie it either; rides up, fits too tight, or doesn’t fall right on my body. When I have ordered a specific size of lingerie, based on the size charts, overall satisfaction with my purchase was ten times higher.
Fourth, if you are well-endowed consider ordering one size larger than you normally wear. Now, maybe, you’re a woman blessed by genetics; and your breast are disproportionate to the rest of your body. In that case you may have to shop from a site more specific to your needs.
Fifth, don’t neglect to buy stockings or thigh highs! These nifty little pieces of hosiery always seem to add a certain element of seduction when wearing lingerie. When you order remember, unless otherwise stated, you will need garters to hold your stockings or thigh highs in place. I had read or heard somewhere; that stockings always need a garter belt or garters to hold in place, and thigh highs have the stay up silicone top. My experience with purchasing hosiery online has proved this information false.
Finally my last tip, which is one I have constantly refer to, love your body. You can own the best fitting, sexiest, slinkiest piece of lingerie ever tailored, but if you don’t own feelings of self-worth, confidence, and beauty you will not exude sex appeal. Changing how you think of your self can be accomplished through daily positive affirmations, yep I’m talking Stuart Smalley type behavior. At first looking in the mirror, thinking and stating positives about your body may be a challenge. A good way to start with positive affirmations is to write 3-5 of them every day in a journal, then read what you have listed out loud to your self. Each day read the list over starting from the beginning. Since you don’t want to look like a crazy person talking out loud to your self, this is a good method to practice in your “me time.” As your confidence grows move to a mirror for positive re-enforcement and don’t be shy with your body. Explore and enjoy your curves with talk and touch.
Being a plus-size woman who is comfortable in her body, and wants to practice the art of seduction wearing lascivious lingerie can be a challenge. Finding lingerie that fits, feels sexy, and increases your seductive prowess can at times be frustrating, but not impossible. Using these simple steps has given me the ability to order naughty nighties, sexy garter belts, and thigh highs online, which accentuate my curves and increase my powers of sexual seduction. Knowing and loving your body are the key steps to feeling desirable, sensuous, and lascivious when purchasing then wearing lingerie.


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