Finding Legitimate Online Gold Buyers The No Nonsense Way

Gold will always remain as an extremely valuable metal. For as long as humankind will not go extinct there will be endless demand for it. Selling gold jewelry online is as easy as 1-2-3 because; however, what is challenging to do lately is to look for a legitimate online gold buyer. In the internet, you will find stories about people who have fallen trapped by some cash for gold programs. Fraudulent gold buyers are mushrooming online because they saw limitless opportunity in gold. To avoid them, one needs to choose an online gold dealer carefully and must do research. Here are tips on how to spot fraudulent cash for gold programs.

Carefully Inspect the Online Website

Before filling-up an online form requesting for the free sell gold kit and sending your gold jewelry and gold scraps, take the time to examine the website. The hallmarks of a legitimate online gold buyer’s website are the following: updated list of gold prices and a tool free customer service line that works. There should also be general information related to insurance coverage for gold items sent uoking, how packages are tracked, what types of gold jewelry or gold items are acceptable, a step-by-step process in selling gold information, payout schedules and mode of payment system, satisfaction guarantees and et cetera. If the website at one glance already looks unprofessionally done, it is a red flag and better move on and look for other online buyers.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The BBB is a federal agency in the US that is assigned to review and rate businesses; it will inform the public about fraud related to businesses and helps resolve disputes between consumers and businesses. If you wish to check if a certain online gold jewelry buyer is legitimate, you may contact your local BBB and check if there are reports and complaints about the online gold buyer. Ask if they have any complaints for slow payments, nonpayment of gold jewelry sent, unfair appraisal of gold and many more.

Research Online

Try typing the name of the company and attach the word scam in Google. See if you will find any information about the company. You can also try joining online forums related to selling gold jewelry and unwanted scraps of gold.

Word of mouth

Ask friends and relatives who have tried selling gold jewelry and gold scraps online. They will be able to recommend a good online gold jewelry buyer, and you will benefit greatly from their experiences both good and bad.


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