Coupons Are Falling From the Sky!

What is the one thing a great number of us sometimes feel we wouldn’t mind living without? Coupons! Yes; those sometimes little; sometimes large pieces of paper that fill our mail boxes, hang on our doors, hide under our windshield wipers, and cover almost everything from magazines to bulletin boards. It really does not matter where we go or do we always find coupons around. couponare Also they cover everything from food to services. What do we do with all these coupons coming from everywhere; seeming to fall from the sky? For most of us we ignore them. Maybe we collect them; planning to use them but instead they sit in a drawer and are forgotten. For the rest of us we use these morsels of possible savings to do just that; save!

I thought I would put together a few things that may assist you with either using or at least organizing all those coupons. We have to admit that there are plenty of times where they can come in handy and are useful. They may even save us some money; which is something we an all use these days. The first thing to keep in mind is that not all coupons are as good as they look. For example on some coupons the large bright words you see will tell you things like, “It’s free!” or, “No cost to you”; but when you read the details they will tell you that you have to make a purchase of a certain amount in order to get that item or deal. Other coupons will say that you can had a percentage off a product or service if you spend a certain amount. These can still be good to use but they may not work like you want them to. So it is good to separate these coupons out so that you know the restrictions on them.

The best coupons are usually related to food items. Maybe for a store or a fast food restaurants. These coupons are normally easy to use and beneficial. They will either give you a flat percentage off an item or be, “buy on get on free”. These work very well and can help you save if you buy the right things. You can still empty your wallet though if you do not watch what your doing. You can save a lot of money using these coupons but you have to plan your shopping a little by reviewing what is available and where. The only thing you will need to watch out for is the expiration dates. Most will expire quickly as they are related to store sales and promotions. Other than that though I can not think of any other problems.

Another type of coupon is the membership rewards programs you can find at various stores that give you points toward purchases or specially discounted products. These can be beneficial in a variety of ways. One of the most popular are the stores that have rewards and discounts on purchases of gas. They usually give you 3 or 4 cents off each gallon. It may not sound like much but it can add up in savings fairly fast. Most of these also send you monthly rewards. These rewards are not always the best as you have to spend a certain amount on your membership card before you get anything back from it. Most grocery stores will have this type of program. Other places like chain apparel or department stores will give you points towards the purchase of their products. Be careful though as some of these will expire before you ever get to use them. That is the down side of most rewards programs; the limited time frames they give in which you can redeem the rewards.

Of course we cannot forget our final type of coupon which is the online coupon. Online coupons are a newer addition to this wild world of deals. For the most part they are centered around a person signing up for a service or program that allows them access to supposedly special online only deals! Most commonly you will receive these in your spam folder if it is on. Many of these are useless and sometimes fake, designed just to get you to click into some other page of material that seems to never end page after page as it offers you deal after to deal. Some though you can print out and take to actual stores and use. This later style is the best. You can actual get value from them fairly fast. Just be careful of any that ask for your personal information as these are most likely just tricks to get you to fall for giving out your personal information which they will use to there own ends.

With all these options we have there will never be an end to the countless millions of coupons out there floating around on the breeze. The best bet is to read the fine print and if that coupon fits what you are looking for then go for it. Otherwise toss it and move on; there will always be more.

Shopping is way of life!

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